Our AI Services

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AI Strategy  

We empower organisations to harness the full potential of their business data, transforming it into a competitive advantage.

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Data Analysis

Our experts transform unstructured data into meaningful insights, enhancing businesses' growth with data intelligence.

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Generative AI Consulting

We work with your team to understand your business needs through discovery workshops, business analysis, and training.

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Generative AI Development

From MVP to enterprise AI solutions, we compare different foundation models and develop custom Generative AI solutions.

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Generative AI Integration

We help organisations to integrate AI solutions with their proprietary data and third-party systems to achieve automation.

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Upgrade and Maintenance

We offer maintenance services after your AI applications is build, tested, and deployed to ensure security and high performance.

Our Process

Identify AI Objectives

We identify areas we can improve with AI and determine whether we need to build custom models or apply pre-trained models.

Evaluate Datasets

We utilise a range of tools to simplify and process raw data into meaningful information that best fits your AI use cases.

Select Best Tools

We evaluate and compare different foundation models provided by OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, Cohere, etc. to suite your business needs.

Proof of Concept

Once we fine-tune base models with your enterprise data, we deliver a proof that our solution is working for your business challenge.

Fine-tune AI Models

We fine-tune best foundation models and seamlessly transition models from pilot phase to full-scale production in weeks.

Test and Deploy

We test model performance and securely deploy applications using API endpoints with built-in monitoring for continuous improvement.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

Serving a diverse clientele worldwide, we specialise in delivering solutions focused on our clients' needs.

"A reliable technology partner"

Their software solutions surpassed our expectations, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation. A reliable partner for transformative digital experiences.

Lea Milligan

"Vey transparent and upfront!"

We continuously aim for improvement, with Matriks as a cornerstone. They're very transparent about deliverables, fostering trust in our partnership.

David Thornhill

"Exceptional product design"

Matriks excels with professional, skilled teams in technical and product design. They conducted discovery workshops to come up with best possible solutions.

Joanne Balaam

"Excellent customer care"

We are using Matriks fleet dispatch and management solution for over 8 years. Really impressed with their customer support and swift issue resolution.

Martin Ellis

"Perfectly aligned to our needs"

The expertise of Matriks was exceptional, perfectly aligning with our project needs. Engineers' skillsets were also tailored to our requirements.

Mark Longhurst

"Unmatched speed and quality"

We wouldn’t have been able to launch our taxi booking app as fast by working with someone else. Despite a bigger scope, they excelled in quality.

Malik Faisal

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